Sunday, July 22, 2012


I actually got out in the garden and did a lot bit of work. I mowed the lawns, trimmed all the Banksia roses and cut down the tree dahlia. Exhausted!

But then I wandered around and look what I found.

First off one of the beautiful hellebores MBD gave me for my birthday last year, absolutely stunning.

 Then excitement, I planted this ground cover grevillea two years ago and it has never flowered but now it is sooo close. Sorry for the blur but it won't be long and I will have beautiful flowers.

 This grevillea was tubestock less than a year ago, now look at the flowers - plant would have to be about 70cm high and the flower buds are huge. I think this one is Coconut Ice, you can see the flowers are going to be a gorgeous pink!

 These hellebores were the ones given to my mother when I was born....well their offspring anyway. I dug them up from Mum's and they flower every year for me. Just the old common one but they are really pretty.

Nice to see the garden doesn't hold my neglect against me and continues to give me beautiful flowers.

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  1. Wish ours could look so good after being neglected :)


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