Monday, July 30, 2012

Another birthday, another finish

Where did the weekend go? I did mean to post this on Saturday!

I had lunch with a good friend on Friday and as it was her birthday and she is a keen yoga aficionado I decided to make her a yoga mat bag to carry her mat to and from lessons.

I had had the pattern for quite a while but hadn't made it so after finding, what I thought, was the perfect material (well it just looked yoga-on-sandish) I decided it would be the perfect birthday present.

And then on Sunday I received this photo with mat installed. I am thrilled it is just the right size!


  1. Anonymous10:34 am

    Can't wait for Tuesday night to take it along to my class, I will be the envy of all the ladies, Sue

  2. What a great idea mat bag.

  3. Ultimate is achieved when present is exactly right!! Well done, Lib - hope you got lots of jealous stares, Sue


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