Thursday, January 30, 2014

Catch up

I haven't shared much of my sewing on here lately so here is a little catch up. I only have one stitchery left to do. Here are all the ones I have done,  sorry a bit of picture overload,  I just can't make up my mind which I like best.  
Maybe I love the little bees circling the beehive......
Or is it the bird bath with the doves circling overhead, I must admit I do like the butterfly on the bird bath material.

The seed packets are so cute too!

I think that these sunflowers are just gorgeous and I can certainly relate to the snails! I just can't decide which  I like best,  ALL of them!

I bought the material for the blocks today, all washed and ironed, nothing like a good breeze to get things done quickly. I am not good at picking out materials but I do love some of these!

Just a little interlude here, my petunias are flowering beautifully at the moment.

I made this little bag the other day, just because. Love the little owl zipper pull.
Last week I found these beauties, ready for a project inspired by Marina (Maisie and Boys in my side menu) pop over and see what I am going to make.

Oh well better start cutting out some borders! 

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  1. all your stitcheries look great, don't chose a favourite they can all be favourites!
    You can't go wrong if you buy fabrics you like and you have picked a lovely batch for your blocks.
    Love your batiks! they are going to look great!!


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