Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The last load

Well it has been a very strenuous week and a bit but here is the last load ready to go to the tip! 

So far there have been 5 loads taken off to the tip

Sometimes it can be quite interesting at the tip, these two girls came to inspect my offerings.

Ta da, drum roll please,  this is how my garden looks like now, where did those roses come from! I am very pleased with all my work ( and now very tired! ).
But at least I haven't been as idle as this fellow!


  1. Well done what an amazing clean up!
    Don't you hate weeds!
    Now what will you do with all that cleaned up space?

  2. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Haven't you been a busy bee, what a difference it has made, hard to believe it is the same place. Now for the replanting..... Sue

    1. I don't want to replant until I am sure the weeds are eliminated. Might be a long project.


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