Monday, March 13, 2006


Kettering was the focus this weekend. Marie and I decided to look for somewhere different to walk. I have been there so often but never walked around the headland into Trial Bay. It was a beautiful walk, soft needles under foot that made the walking very easy. As we set out the Bruny Island ferry started its journey over to the Island with a full complement of cars and vans. So many tourists are here at the moment and what a fantastic day for them to explore the Island. The bay was full of yachts, on the way down we had heard on the ABC that the Kettering moorings were full.

The bark on the trees was so beautifully textured.

The roots created a lovely tracery on the ground and along with the strappy plants created a bit of a trip trap for the unwary.

The view from Trial Bay, looking down the river.

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