Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to double your trip

We headed off for Sue's place today. Left at 7:30am and arrived about 12:45pm. I think we got lost somewhere along the way. At least it only took 3 hours to get home.....

Sue has a lovely spot out of Taree. It is in an old volcano and you can see the rim all around. We had lunch and met Sue's new man, Ian. Although not new but I hadn't met him before! Seemed quite a nice guy.

Jim was there and he looks really good, although now a bit tottery and it is hard for him to get around outside at Sue's as it is all up and down.

The house is pretty with a lovely vine along the veranda. We went for a walk around the property and checked out the wine cellar. They have a few vines and get about 1500 bottles out of the harvest. Only for bartering and drinking themselves! The cellar is dug into the side of the hill. Each tube has 7 bottles of wine stashed away in it

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  1. Now I don't feel so bad about the lack of contributions to my blog when I see that your secret blog did not have an entry for over twelve months.

    Maybe if the house to hide the pool pump had been named after a jockey you might have had more time this holiday to make some more entries.

    Hope you pull a few corks on 31/12 and have a nice (blog entry filled) 2008.


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