Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shhh I'm back

Seems like a very long time since I have been seen in the neighbourhood so thought I should use some of my holidays in catching up.
I have been having a very relaxing time at home, pottering in the garden and not much else. I went for a walk around Lindisfarne Bay this afternoon in between a few showers and saw these wading birds. I didn't take any photos of the new play park but it is amazing.

I had some very happy mail today from the lovely Fee. I love these and need to think of a fantastic project to use them. The bottom ones are Lollipop by Sandy Gervais and the top cats are Prisma Cats by Ingrid Slyder, I have enough of Lollipop to make a baby quilt but only 4 fat quarters of the Prisma Cats so may have to stash them for a while, I just couldn't resist buying them!

Finally a few of my hellebores. One of my favourite flowers and you can get such a variety of them these days. Here a 4 of mine. The top left is one I stole (lol not really) from my mother's garden and I always think of her when it flowers.

I will be back to show you what I have been sewing SINCE MARCH just as soon as I can sort through my photos. It does feel good to be back. Wonder how long it will take MBBIM to notice, at least he won't nag me anymore.
Till next time,


  1. welcome back from your blogland break.
    Love those lollipop fabrics. I have used them in a quilt too. they look gorgeous. Cute kitty fabrics
    Very pretty flowers....

  2. Anonymous10:36 am

    Hi Lib nice to have you back,love your new fabrics and your flower pics are lovely,enjoy your holidays.xx


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