Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend fun/work

It seemed like Spring had arrived on Saturday only to be back to Winter on Sunday! Sunday morning I went to breakfast at the Sorell Providore with my brothers and their partners to celebrate their best sister's birthday. Lots of loot gratefully received :)

On the way home I went to Shiploads and bought a bed and toys for Clay when he visits my place. Then saw an ad last night with the dog beds for half the price!!! Sad news is that Clay will be banned from my backyard as it seems he may be allergic to some of the plants. I will need to get digging (wandering jew all over the place in the far back corner). Clay had a lovely time romping through it.

I did a litle bit of weeding on Saturday and didn't it make a difference. These grevilleas have been flowering all winter and now they can really show off without the weeds choking them.
I spent quite a bit of time digging out these callistemons, the painter had cut them right down to get to the house and I decided they had to go. One down but one still to go...
They look so small but they are so stubborn....

The bulbs are out all over the garden. I picked heaps last weekend and now there are more.


  1. I keep meaning to plant some of those grevillea....one day!

  2. I am really pleased with them now, lucky no one can see the weeds BEHIND them, oh well next weekend lol

  3. Just popped into your blog - loved the old photos. See you in a couple of weeks. YBBIM

  4. I was...sorry, Divi was given some of the flowers :D - they are dead now tho :p


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