Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cradle Mountain

Last Thursday I drove off to Cradle Mountain to spend some time with my daughter and her husband. N and C had come down from the Hunter Valley the weekend before and now was time for me to join them. I was very excited.

We stayed at Cradle Mountain Lodge, what a fantastic place. The accomodation was absolutely tops and the meals were just superb.
 This 'splash' is a platypus who delighted us every morning as we went down to breakfast by popping up in unexpected places around the lake. 
 Wild life everywhere, this potoroo was beside the boardwalk between our cabins and the main lodge.
 This cheeky bird came down onto my deck as soon as I opened my door and no I didn't feed him!
 This was the interior of N and C's cabin, just luxury.
 N and C on a rock overlooking Dove Lake. Snow everywhere.
 On Friday we walked around Dove Lake which was very challenging for me as there was a big pile up of snow on the boards making it very slippery. Luckily I had N to help me though!

P.S. Thanks N and C for a lovely birthday present.

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