Friday, August 12, 2011

Old photos

I came across a disc of old photos that I had scanned in a few months ago. Here is a little selection.
My lovely grandchildren several years ago with the renowned Stalin who lived his life his way for 19 years.

 My parents 40 years ago outside a town named after Mum

My parents reading to my niece K, their first grandchild.

"oh no" says K - don't you love the 60s chairs. No K isn't that old lol

Happy times with Dad in his usual position with Birralee Silver Shah on his knee

What a giggle, my aunt and I with a couple of my friends in Surfers Paradise. Whoo hoo did I really have such a short dress (I made it too!)

Me again, with my new niece R and my brother R

There is now another house between my place and this times change.

Haven't seen this view for about 30 years - the house in front built on a second storey when we were away on long service leave...

"Now Papa we will water them with all this water on the lawn"

Oh no I don't think my niece was impressed with her new cousin (my daughter N)

Not sure Shah likes you grabbing his fur N...

"Let me go, Papa"

"I'll show you, N"

My old Cooper S in the background.

"Hey, N you can't go anywhere without me." My dog Boo used to follow my daughter around all the time.

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  1. With Hobart's balmy weather in mind, its amazing how there is snow on the mountain in one of the photos.


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