Sunday, September 04, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Jenny and Richard are visiting from Melbourne and After a very slow start, we headed off to explore New Norfolk. I saw a sign for Patchwork Cafe so of course had to investigate. We ended up at the Willow Court complex and had a wander through the Antique centre before heading off to the patchwork cafe for a look and coffee.
Like this but at $650 it is staying there

Quite a few bits of stained glass - very nice

My brother discovered the cars!

Frontage of the Antique Centre - so many rooms!

Then down to the Derwent River

The water was lapping the banks - very much to the ducks liking

Fun on water skis

Took this photo for my son-in-law, Clint they are even in Tassie!

Feeding the ducks

Sunny faces on the water edge

This house is so close to the water edge, hope the river won't rise any further

Finished off the day with a lovely evening with friends Marie and Dave. Thnks for a delish dinner!

Off to breakfast now so will add more later!

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