Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two firsts

After a hard day in the garden (no didn't take any photos but wish I had as I filled 8 bins with weeds!!) I needed something relaxing to do tonight.

I found a little project I bought from Sarah a few weeks ago. First time I have used Cosmo thread and the first time I have embarked on a stitching that is going to be all the same colour thread. It is Christmas Treasures Wreath from Rosalie Quinlan. Still making my mind up about the thread but it seems to pull through nicely but does fluff a bit.


  1. I started at the house too! I used small chain stitch for the heart and am doing it for the ribbon at the top too. Almost half way now. Loving it! Had no fluffing with the Cosmo. Wasn't sure about it at the start either but am finding I like the 'thinness' it is making the stitching quite dainty.

  2. I am still not sure about the thread, maybe it is the way I sew but it does shed fluff all the time. I am half way too, now trying to decide how I will mount it. Thought I might put some Christmas material around the edge then stretch it over a canvas frame.


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