Monday, October 31, 2011

Open gardens

A friend and I had a lovely day out on Sunday. The first stop was to a friend's farm at Cradoc. Alan had struck all manner of beautiful plants and we came away with lots of goodies after a lovely homemade morning tea provided by Jane. It is lovely to have such good friends.

I have started to transplant the hydrangeas (1 out of 4 in, where will I put the others!), a lovely old rose set to climb up my back fence but still quite a few to go. No photos but I will once they start to flower! Actually so many photos to follow here I think there will be too many in this post but I couldn't leave any out! I also have 6 waratahs to put in, the spot is weeded and ready, just need the time!

Next we went to Lanes End, 174 Lanes Road, Glen Huon. Some very interesting scuptures and figures throughout the garden. The rhododendrons were spectacular as were the mature trees. So many grevilleas I couldn't keep count. 

Love the steps!

Off they go!!

Hmmm what have we here!

Caw Caw

This old man was hiding at the base of a tree
 Then off to Jerrup Langi (House of Friends) 92 Cross Road, Grove. The Japanese maples through this garden were spectacular, the colours were so varied. Pencil pines were repeated through the garden in groups of three or singularly as an anchor tree.

The vegie patch
 Then we wandered on to Kurrawin, 86 Cross Road, Grove - yes just a small walk away (well just next door). This garden had so many rooms, you just wandered from one area to the next, lots of roses, camelias and rhododendrons.

All ready to repel all borders

Another little man hiding in the undergrowth

More beautiful steps

The house is circa 1900, this is a beautiful window just about hidden by the camelia hedge.

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  1. The gardens look superb and what a lovely way to spend the day with a friend, totally inspired to go home and garden!


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