Friday, March 09, 2012

MPAY: Where you sleep

A few little pals await me when I go to bed....

 Oooops looks like there was an accident here - doesn't look like a flying house to me??

 Then you can wander off to Paris - into my French boudoir, with Paris purple on the wall

A few French posters on the wall (bought in Paris years ago) and a couple of cases with French scenes on them doubling as the lamp stand.

Or maybe you would rather be in China - just a glance at the bed with my Chinese quilt

and a painting I bought last time in China

Wander over to Deb's and see who else is playing this week.


  1. Oh my I love that quilt on the bed!! Your bedroom is awesome, I really like that you have things that are meaningful to you around you.

  2. can't decide if I like French or oriental?
    They are both beautiful.

  3. Love both but always partial to a patchwork quilt.


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