Sunday, February 26, 2012

MPAY: My favourite cup(s)

Deb at Works in Progress is taking over the MPAY meme. This week we ae having a cuppa and getting to know each other. Pop over and visit with Deb.

The first three cups belonged to my mother, I just display them, haven't used them at all. They were given to her for a special reason, can you guess. I will give you a hint: it had something to do with her name.....

This is the mug I use all the time, just love the chooks and the looooong legs.

My special Christmas mug.

This mug is one of a few I have of The Gardens table series by Maxwell and Williams. The flower designs are just beautiful.

If you didn't guess my mother's name was Violet!


  1. Gorgeous cups but have to say I favour the Violets only because I collect china with Violets on it.

  2. such pretty violet cups and saucers. They look so dainty and elegant. Your mugs are great too.

  3. Thanks so much for joining in something about running something like this brings all my insecurities crawling out of the woodwork. I've fixed the link thingy and it's working now. I put the wrong piece of code in. I hope you do join in again.

    I love love love the violet cups. I'm sure I had a cup as a child with violets on, but I've never found a replacement!!

  4. Love the violet cups too. But also probably wouldn't use them. I also love the chooks, they are right up my ally too.

  5. I love your violet cups and the name violet - they are so elegant
    Following from MPAY

  6. Love the teacups. I's love to find a chook mug. x

  7. I love that Christmas one! No violets for me! lol Santa all the way! He's a cute one!

  8. Anonymous3:44 am

    All your cups are wonderful, but I must say I am partial to the violet cups. They are simply beautiful.

    blessings, jilly
    visiting from Deb's WIP


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