Saturday, August 25, 2012

How beautiful are these!

Faye called around with some WIP to show me today. Just how cool are these! I love the batik prints. They look so vibrant. The first one has a lot more squares, this is just a sample :) How beautiful is the centre square and those blues......
 Just the quilting left to do here. So much work in this, I wouldn't have the patience!
It was fantastic to have a catch up and share quilting stories.
{a bit later} {back again}
Just received an email from Faye with all the bits laid out on the floor so just had to share it.


  1. beautiful patchworking!
    love the bright colours.

  2. The batiks just have that little Je ne sais quoi! Looks fabulous - now it's your turn, Miss Lib!


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