Thursday, September 06, 2012

It has to be a record!

For me anyway, probably partly due to that slave driver who kept me at it day and night BUT this week I finished FIVE (5) projects + a hexy. How about that!
First some more photos from our fantastic day on Saturday at the Cherry Shed.
Here are all the ladies hard at work.

Not really sure that they were all hard at work :) but I know Roseanne was - here is a photo I took of her project.
Sorry I didn't get more but I was hard at work *innocent smile*.
Here is my produce, partly from the weekend and partly from this week.
First of all {the secret gift} so only a glimpse of this.

Then a cute little lunch bag - don't you just love the rabbit button.
 Then because Vicki thought I hadn't worked hard enough I had to do this case for my phone....I love it Vicki and use it all the time. Complete with another button I purchased in Sydney at the button shop in the Rocks - if you keep something long enough it will come in handy.
 Love the pocket on the side, it is a fantastic pattern, but I won't tell you how many times I unpicked it, seems it was my week for unpicking.

 Then just because this honey bun roll was sitting in my drawer, slowly being used in applique, but I thought it needed to be used for a larger project because the fabric is so pretty.....I made a small bag and a larger bag.

 Here they all are together, what  a gorgeous stash. Notice the {the secret gift} stategically placed at the bottom of the pile.
 And here is the poor lone hexy I did, put together after the long drive up to Burnie on Friday night. Not sure if it was the champagne but I thought I would get a lot more done!

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  1. they are beautiful finishes!
    the fabrics are lovely. Well done.


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