Sunday, September 23, 2012


I went for a wander around my very neglected garden today and found myself forgiven as the plants are thriving and showing their Spring colours. I also had a surprise or should that be surprised visitor!

Eggs and bacon (are they narcissus?), love them! The fresias smell amazing and the grevillea is so beautiful. The daffodils have almost finished and this on is about the last.
These irises used to be blue! What happened?? The flowering cherry is from next door, just a mass of blossum at the moment
These coloured fresias are second year in the pot and still doing well although hope I get a few more flowers. The leucadendron is spectacular this year and love the lavendar beside it.

This afternoon I received a visitor, must be a new kid on the block as I have never seen him before but he obviously felt very at home and was very astonished that I should actually live here! He even let me pat him.

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