Saturday, March 02, 2013

Bothwell spin in

First time ever at the Bothwell spin in today. I went with Faye and we had the best time. Spinning isn't particularly my thing but everyone there was so interesting and came from so many different places. 
Loved every minute and even came home with some wool to do some felting, but don't ask me when! Forgot to take a photo of that maybe tomorrow.
Maori weavers from a little town near Rotarua, so fascinating to see how they prepared their fibre from flax

Definitely a highlight, the dogs were just beautiful
Visiting weavers from Japan, visit a local sheep farm every year
Lady from Estonia via Colarado with such lovely craft, almost makes me wish I was a knitter!
Unfortunately I didn't remember all the details of the guest presenters and can't find the information on the Bothwell spin in website!!!!

And now back to my place. Just love these, only 3 punnets and they have given such pleasure. It is the little things!


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  2. looks very interesting, some sheep dog trials in the mix too?


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