Sunday, March 24, 2013

What a week!

The week started out with great excitement as Mark and Phil arrived to remove 4 of my windows (all the bedroom windows) and replace the old rusting (well not really but unless you keep painting them they do!) steel windows with aluminium double-glazed beauties. I admintit was a bit scarey as they removed the old windows, broke up the glass and cut out the frames. NO GOING BACK NOW! But I am very happy the new windows look like they have always been there and I have fly screens.....yay! Now to save up and get the rest of the windows in my house done.
Of course with this work going on I took a couple of days off work and thought hmmm I could go and do some much needed gardening OR I could sew. Guess which won :). I dragged this out of the cupboard in a very unfinished state and managed to get all the blocks together and the border on. I also used some of the material to start making the backing but didn't get that finished before........ unfinished stitchery from the Helen/Lynette day a couple of weeks ago, suddenly grabbed my attention and I made all the hexies, sewed them together and now have about 1/3 sewn onto the needle case. Loving the pastels this week, not my usual thing but both the quilt top and the stitchery are really pretty.
On Saturday it was the The Quilters' Easter Showcase 2013 out at the Brighton Civic Centre so off I went with my friend Marie and found a heap of people there that I knew, strange that! I did not take one photo can you believe but here are a couple of things I bought. Fee was there with some lovely fabrics that I just couldn't resist and I also bought another couple of stitching patterns (with iron on transfer!) from Helen. I did manage to resist buying a $6500 sewing machine but it was a close call! The show and tell quilts were inspirational, what a lot of talent.

And the last picture is just because, really loving what $15 can do for my deck, a couple of punnets of petunias which have flowered and flowered and now one punnet of geraniums planted at the same time have started flowering, I put 2 in each pot and they look fantastic.

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  1. what a busy week!
    love your needlecase that is getting finished the colours and hexies are beautiful.
    lovely goodies and the flowers look great.


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