Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saturday part 2

Well I did promise to come back with a tempter of my purchases but I have been so busy stitching I have only just found time! Now about to do the hexies for the project, all the stitching finished!

And here they are - I know but I just couldn't resist. Two quilts with patterns, materials and buttons. I hexie purse, wanted to do one of these ever since I saw Marina's. Various other buttons, mine hexies wash away - oops not in photo and some sheets of the wash away for applique projects I have in mind. Yes and a hanger for Lynette's project!

Here are a couple of things from Helen's stall, the purse I am going to make and another one that I was so tempted by, it opened out so well, all your sewing stuff would fit and be found easily.

Some more gorgeous things from Helen's stall, sorry none from Lynette's but I think I bought them all!!!

Here are the Oatlands ladies with a beautiful quilt they bought along, very slack but I didn't get photos of the other 'show and tell' items.

Last but not least some of the fabulous food provided by the girls from the Buckingham Rowing Club, very delish, thank you!

Sorry but I just have to get back to my sewing. See you next time :)

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  1. gorgeous buys! looking forward to seeing your lovely purse getting done. I use the wash away stabiliser for my hexies too. First got onto it thanks to Helen Stubbings too when I did the life is beautiful quilt. She used it in that and I thought it would be a great way to make hexies. Made it heaps easier for me to master.
    We can conquer the world, one hexie purse at a time!


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