Sunday, July 03, 2005

Breakfast and other things

The weekend flew but I managed to accomplish quite a bit. Usual housework and washing on Saturday, yuk, then on Sunday I spent the morning having breakfast with the bros and Sandie and Felicity. We went down to Sorell to the Sweet Chilli Pepper Café and spent two pleasant hours having breakfast, talking and drinking coffee.

We went around to Rob and Sandie's place afterwards to have a look at the new deck, very impressive. Rob has done a good job even though he considers he is not 'handy'. E and S were there, S was off to footy but missed his ride so Rob had to run him down. We all sat and had a coffee together.

When I arrived home I went out into the garden. First I mixed up some concrete and then I put a row of books along the edge of the pavers to stop the earth from the garden washing down, hopefully it will be successful.

Finished off with some weeding and spread some pea straw over the garden in the hope of stopping weeds ocming up.

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