Sunday, July 10, 2005

Richard's birthday

Another busy weekend. I went to breakfast at Jam Packed in the old IXL building in Hunter Street with Cecily and John (over from Melbourne) Anna and Maggie and Maggie brought H along as she rushed in straight after H's hockey match. It was good to catch up with Cec again, she looked so different partly because she has dyed her hair blonde (used to be very black) but so much more relaxed now that she is running her own business.

Today is Richard's birthday, he is 61! Can't quite believe it, are we really getting that old. I rang him and had a chat this morning, he was having lunch with the family.

I pruned the roses today, Nabs doesn't really like roses but look at this beautiful one from my garden! Don't really know how to but just kept hacking away, hopefully I have done the right thing. They needed a good prune as I didn't really do them last year - too busy gadding around the world! Scary to think it has been one whole year since my long service leave!

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  1. I DO like roses - just not 200 of them (which we inherited.....but have now disinherited. YAY!)

    In fact I even stopped Clint from pulling some out this weekend (oh by the way the dog fence is finished & zaps as yet!)



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