Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Flex Day or Winter in Tasmania

We had a really white frost on Saturday morning, I took a photo of the back lawn and of a beautiful patch of daffodils flowering through it all.

Yesterday I had a flex day, just needed a bit of a break. I had a guy coming to look at renovations in the sunroom. Boy was that a stressful procedure, by the time he left I was in tears, luckily after he left. Mike offered me a hug and Nabs phoned and calmed me. Hopefully everything will be OK, I am so looking forward to having the work done. Once that is finished I can get the floor done, curtains made although maybe I need to have the wall plastered first. So much needs to be done!

Marie and Dave called in on their way home to pick up their mail. It was good to see them, they looked so relaxed. The holiday has done them so much good. Great to have them back again, I have missed seeing Marie even though we chatted most weekends. Must try and persuade her to come walking with me, I am getting so unfit.

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  1. We had a frost just like that on Wednesday - temp was hovering around -3deg. Brrrrr.


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