Monday, July 25, 2005

Busy, Busy

Phil and Cate came down from Launceston and stayed on Friday night. They arrived at about 8PM so late tea. It was good to see them, Phil was so great to work with and he used to stay here often when he worked with us at eMagine, seems a million years ago - how life changes. They were down to see the doctor and are off to Sydney soon for one last try. We went to Jam Packed on Saturday for breakfast, Phil's son C joined us. He is now living in town and is a draughtsman with an architect firm.

Saturday night Dave and Marie came up and we had tea together, Marie brought it all even though she shouldn't have as she had been at L's birthday party all day and looked quite exhausted.

Sunday afternoon Wendy, Rodney, Dianne and Paul came round for drinks. Dianne and Paul are off to UK at the end of the month and they are taking my xdrive so showed them how to use it and they are going to practice before they go.

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