Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Another quilt on the way

I know I can't resist, I found this lovely fabric online. It is Puttin' on the Ritz and I thought it would be perfect for the little boy's quilt I want to make. I do love Etsy, I found this on sweetgirlsstudio and after a convo with April the layer cake was on its way. I am still waiting on the 3 yards of white I have ordered but couldn't resist starting. I have cut all the pieces and sewn together all I can until the other material arrives.
 (oops there is my walnut shells from the pin cushions still out on the bench, maybe I should tidy up)
This is the long line of bits I have sewn together but unfortunately I can't do any more until the white arrives.

Oh forgot to say what a lovely surprise, April put in a free quilting magazine and of course I love reading those.


  1. Only two things to say:
    1) Incorrigible

  2. 1) well I need to keep busy
    2) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S nearly one sleep lol


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