Monday, May 21, 2012

12:45 am

Woken out of a deep sleep by what sounds like a siren - put my head out the window, nothing
out there. Open the room door and notice fire door is closed and yes the alarm in this building is going off!!!

Rouse Marie - we have to get out of here! no passport, no clothes (but I did grab my contact lens, get my priorities right here) and we are on the 6th floor! Down the stairs we go, reach the 3rd floor, people appearing from everywhere when the alarm stops. All clear! but can I go to sleep now?

False alarm however no fire brigade arrived - not really instilled with confidence in the system. Hmm wonder if I can change my room to the ground floor.....


  1. Anonymous1:40 pm

    What a dreadful thing to happen on holiday. Add it to your collection of adventures. Did anyone take a photo of you all trooping out in your night attire grasping a few meagre possessions? Sue

  2. Ah mon Dieu! That is just not funny - but like Sue said, add it to your collection of one offs!!!


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