Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We zijn aangekomen in Brugge

What a delightful, small town. Everything seems to radiate from two facinating town squares. The guy at our hotel assured us we couldn't get lost in Bruges and I think he is right! Everything is so different from Paris, very low key although obviously still orientated towards the tourist.
Great train trip from Paris to Brussels but the 'provincial' railway to Bruges was a bit of a free for all. Where to put our bags, where to sit, is this the right train??? but we made it and are in love!


  1. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Loving seeing all your little updates :) wish I was there......


    1. your photos of Flinders are great, different holiday but is'nt Australia beautiful....

  2. Anonymous11:35 pm

    With all the land we have in Australia you would think we could have town squares with NOTHING in them, just space. Space is good! Richard.


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