Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Je suis à Paris en France

Arrived in Paris today at 6am after 22hrs in the air. About 8 hours to Singapore and 12 hours to Paris.
We walked and walked and walked. Stumbled across a marvellous bread fete near Notre Dame - so many apprentices doing their stuff! I? will share those photos at another time.
Today is all about signs - except for one photo I just had to add.

PS First posting email rejected so just sent one pic, will try and add the others later.


  1. Oh la la la! I wish I was there too! The boulanger sign is great and there always seem to be fêtes of some kind going on there. But a celebration for bread? That's different.

  2. Anonymous11:38 am

    Now you really are making think I need to go to Paris, if only for the real bread! So glad to hear you have arrived safely and started on your big adventure straight away. Look forward to all the pics.

    1. It was really yummy too, Sue, we went back and bought some for lunch. So light, I took a photo of a roll cut in half, all air, manifique!


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