Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hazard ahead!

Cruising down the Main River (pronounced mine) is not without its hazards. Sitting enjoying the view from the top deck we suddenly had to duck for a low - and I do mean low bridge. Most of the infrastructure on the top deck has been lowered and the bridge goes up and down as needed, in one of the photos here it is right down and the captain has his head out of the sun roof!! We were sitting quietly but as the bridge got closer and closer the heart rate got faster and faster and I DUCKED!!!!!


  1. Wow, just as well you ducked - you could have ended up topless, hehehehe

  2. Well, I have seen her running round like a headless chook, perhaps she was practising for this moment?

    1. Topless is far more interesting :) hmmmmm or maybe not


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