Friday, May 14, 2004

Commandos and pipers

Stopped at the commando monument coming out of Spean Bridge and were rewarded with a brief glimpse of Ben Nevis as the clouds parted for a minute. Lots of snow, we couldn't believe we had travelled past it and not seen it.

The scenery today has been magnificent. We looked down on Glen Garry and saw lochs in the shape of Scotland.
On to Eilan Donan where Highlander was filmed. Magnificent!
The view from the Loch Ash viewpoint was magnificent.

Then on to our destination for tonight. Something both Marie and I had been looking forward to - Skye. This is where we saw the piper, although we had come over the bridge we went down to where the ferry comes in and as it arrived a piper appeared and piped it in.

Love the highland cattle. Saw serveral on our journey around Skye today. Finally arrived in Portree to find accomodation. One place we stopped at the hostess invited us in while she rang her friend as we "didna want to stay with foreigners". There are apparently lots of English who make an island change and come up and set up B&Bs. The carpet in the place was tartan, loved it! Her friend was happy to take us so once again saved at the last moment, don't have to sleep in the car tonight - probably lucky as it isn't really very warm!

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