Monday, May 03, 2004

First Day in Ireland

We were up early and had breakfast, which Iris insisted we have although we didn't want anyone to get up too early just for us. Uneventful trip up to the boat and we arrived in plenty of time for the trip over to Ireland. OK so now we were illegal with the car but nothing is going to happen, is it?? We had no difficulty finding our way south out of Dublin, to our first stop Mount Usher Gardens where we had lunch before wandering around the garden. Cute cat gazing at us from the shrubbery!

Travelled on to Courttown and went for a long walk down to the beach and along the Meadow walk. So much onion weed - everywhere! We booked in at a very plastic place, Tudor House or something like that. Not exactly what we have been used to. Marie ripped the plastic off the bed, I suffered all night but never again. Courttown was very touristy. It is close to Dublin so I suppose a popular holiday spot.

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