Thursday, May 20, 2004

Millbank Terrace, Stationtown

Left Broom House (once again a lovely stay - went to a local pub for tea last night, thought we were in the middle of nowhere!) and stopped at Appleby in Westmoreland to buy a new plug adapter, left it at Gowbarrow Lodge although they denied it. The lovely people at Broom House rang through for me as it wasn't all that far away and we could have returned for it.

Lovely town, lots of signs for me to photograph, also a lovely walk along the river (phone call from Australia!). Found a little place to buy the plug and it was surprisingly cheap.

Travelled on past Raby Castle, not open unfortunately but the deer in the grounds looked so good we did a uturn to take a photo. Pulled up beside a van and of course I was so excited about taking photos that I jumped out and started clicking away. Marie later informed me the driver of the van was busy relieving himself. What a giggle.

After stopping to find where Mum lived all those years ago we went on to Rievaulx Terrace (Yorkshire). Walked along the elevated grass terrace with stunning vistas over the Ryedale Valley and Rievaulx Abbey. Also wandered through the Georgian temple at the end. Just beautiful.

We were lucky enough to stay in the old chapel at Rosedale. Had the place to ourselves for the night. Walked around Rosedale after we had settled in, very small picturesque valley in the heart of the North York Moors national park.

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