Monday, May 17, 2004


We left our overnighter at Pinewood Country Home - must admit we have been so lucky in all our accomodation. I can certainly recommend a stay here. Of course had to take the obligatory photos of St Andrews for Rob.

Parked out of Edinburgh and took the bus in and walked through the streets.... ......straight up to Edinburgh Castle. We could have spent hours here...oh that's right we did! There are magnificent panoramas from almost every side. Wouldn't it be fabulous to see a Tattoo here.

Oh well not for us but our next stop absolutely thrilled us. We had never heard of it before but Melrose was the most delightful little place.

Overnighted here as we arrived late and nothing was open. Went for a stroll past the YHA, looked good but we decided to stay at a B&B. The walk was so beautiful, called the Nut Walk but boy were there a lot of what I would call onion weed. Looks lovely but smell.....

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