Monday, May 10, 2004

Where is that Cross?

We set out in search of the famous Camus Cross, which although, Marie will strongly deny, is all her fault for telling me about it. After racing around narrow lanes all over Ireland we finally found it in a roadside graveyard. The cross is finely carved with biblical scenes in red sandstone. Anyway I have a photo to prove we found it!!

Our next destination (and a bit of a disappointment because it wasn't open) was Summerhill House but we were able to wander around the gardens. I was hoping to see their collection of heritage costumes.

The Wellbrook Beetling Mill was next on the list and we were lucky enough to tag onto a school group who were being shown around. The guide told us that in fact no linen is being made in Ireland anymore although both Marie and I remembered 'fine Irish linen'. So sad but cheap Chinese imports have made it uneconomical to continue production.

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