Sunday, December 11, 2011


I was browsing a few quilting blogs the other day - as you do! I jumped from

 (one I often catch up on - usually find a cute free pattern) to

 (never been there before but interesting blog) back to

where I found this tutorial, oh no it was actually

Anyway you get the idea and I produced these little lovelies on Friday night. Nothing else done this weekend as I have been busy in the garden (very exhausting!! where do all these weeds come from) and also partying. Friends came around for dinner on Saturday night (big exciting discussion about OS trip next year) and tonight I am just back from a 30th birthday BBQ for a friend's daughter *sigh* was it really 30 years ago at 2am that I received the phone call!!!

 Eight quickly made - even used the zipper foot on my {new} machine for the first time - I have had the machine for at least 8 years now and always get out my {old} one for zips.
Hanging very nicely on my Christmas tree!

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