Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Place and Yours; The Christmas Party!

Join in the Christmas party Vic is having over at Punky and me. I have been a bit
and haven't put up my Christmas decorations yet.

I was


 by these wall stickers though.

 I put a few on the doors of my pantry cupboard.

 I had to open the doors to get a good photo.

but here they are together

and of course the fridge needed some too!

Aren't they just the



  1. gorgeous stickers. I thought they were appliqued on fabric till I read on...
    Very festive!

  2. Love the Christmas Cheer on the fridge! Cute!

  3. Now that is very nice Christmas decorating. I could do with some of those around my place.

  4. I've looked at these numerous times in the stores - they look really nice - I may have to check them out more closely next time....

  5. Great stickers! I had some a couple of years ago. So fun and festive.

  6. I have one of those sticker sets! The first year I used it I left it up for months and months because I couldn't face the peeling and putting back on the paper, so we were festive until at least Autumn! hehe

    It all looks great!!

  7. Love them, look like sucvh fun!

  8. Love the stickers, especially the stockings.


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