Monday, December 19, 2011

Water, water everywhere

We had a big storm in Hobart this afternoon. The first picture is one sent to me by my son of the Brooker Highway near Bunnings, glad I don't need to go through there to get home!

 This is the first time I have seen this happen, at home and the water must have poured down my side path and created a little channel in the pebbles.

 Then I hopped into the old pool where I now have my spa, never has there been any water in here (except when it was a pool) unbelievable. Now a real wetlands, the reeds keep coming up out of the sand that was put under the pool, hard to believe when the pool was over it for over 15 years. Those little seeds remained viable all that time. I have ferns coming up as well, you can just see them in the background. Must go and take a photo of them!

P.S. just taken the photos of the ferns. I find it really hard to believe that they remain dormant for so long then when they get the opportunity (not even the light of day as the liner was over them
until I split it) voila up they come!

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  1. It's just like Lake Eyre. If you get more water you could drop in a fishing line or maybe a crayfish pot - you never know!


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