Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Fynn came to visit at work! He was brought in by his servant, a colleague of mine. He is a gorgeous curly-coated retriever. Loves wandering around the office and helping me type.

 Talking of dogs....this is a photo I took of a dog who followed me from the backseat to the front as I walked past his car, what a grin! Obviously happy to see me lol.
 And just because; a couple more shots of two of my grand-dogs, well maybe technically one is a great grand-dog. They really love fighting with each other. Little Ladybird's head can sometimes disappear into Gypsy's mouth!
 Butter wouldn't melt......but this is the little devil who stole one of my slippers, later found thankfully intact way out in the paddock!
Of course I have to be fair so here is a photo of my other grand-dog!

A dog's life is a hard one!


  1. How wonderful seeing your Curly visitor. Would love to know where he is from. My two boys are curlies too.
    Love your grand dogs. they are very sweet.

  2. Marina - you wouldn't say that if you lived with them lol!


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