Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cotswolds done and dusted or GPS is only as good as the operator

Well what a fantastic day! Clear blue skies but of course that meant it was a tad chilly. 

The car windows needed a good old scrape before setting out to our first stop of Bourton-On-Water. We went for a lovely walk along the canal and on the way back drooled in shop windows, luckily nothing open so no money spent.

Next stop was Upper and Lower Slaughter where we had coffee and cake, went for a long walk along a foot path through the fields and generally enjoyed two lovely Cotswolds village, although I did feel sorry for the dogs when I saw the thickness of the ice on the dogs' water bowl.

Can't name all the places we visited and walked through today but one highlight was Anne Hathaway's cottage. The GPS decided we needed to go to places not at all where we had thought we were going but it was all good and such fun.
Finished off the day with a lovely meal at The Fox, Lower Oddington! Just a taste of the Cotswolds but a fantastic day, even walking to the Fox in the dark with a torch for about 1 mile each way, have to admit is seemed shorter on the way back with a very nice bottle of red consumed at dinner!


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    I just cannot believe the weather you are having,the gods must be shining on you both :):)
    Fabulous places, if only all of England was that nice and you didn't have to go through the cities and miles of motorways.I am so overwhelmed with your will power i not buying up all the material you must have seen. Enjoy the trip to Bath (hope you have found some bathers now so you don't put off all the other clients). Sue

    1. No bathers yet Sue could be a problem.

  2. Somehow I think I would hate to live in either Upper or Lower Slaughter....the names just don't sit well with me!
    Your weather has, as Sue says, been amazing. I have many Cotswold photos in grey ……!


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