Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goodbye England

I somehow think that we won't be sorry to be going home, just gets dark a bit early for us. The rain was constant today but luckily no disruptions to the trains so we came through to Heathrow without a hitch. We returned the car early and then went to do our last bit of Bath shopping. There were crowds everywhere, avoid Bath on a weekend.
The photo is the only one I took today, from our B&B window this morning
Happy Birthday to MBS, it is your birthday in Australia but not in England yet.
PS Nicole said I should mention just how wet we got today BUT my coat was fantastic!!!!!!


  1. Enjoy your trip home, maybe you can celebrate YBS's birthday with a glass of champagne. Put up the Chrissie lights yesterday, ho, ho, ho.

  2. Great that the coat did its job! Footage on TV just now makes me shudder to see all that water. Travel safe - talk to you later in the week xx

  3. Anonymous4:42 pm

    happy flappy wings. Sit back and relax with the champers. 24 hours isn't that bad when you look at it from here. Sue


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