Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gloucestershire to Dorset to Cornwall

Monday 19th November
Left behind the Cotswolds and Trinity House where our stay was very enjoyable including cups of coffee in the kitchen with Zelie, a wonderful hostess.
We set the GPS (lovely lady - have to keep on the right side of her) to go to Stonehenge as our first stop but on the way saw some signs for a Roman Villa, our lovely lady did not like that one bit!! but we persevered and were rewarded with the most amazing mosaic floors and interesting story of Chedworth Roman Villa, found in the 1800s and preserved from the time it was found by a very forward thinking land owner.

On to Stonehenge where I was VERY glad to have my warm coat, I remember going there before in Spring and it was so cold and it was very cold again today. Unfortunately you can't get near the stones, I would love to be able to touch them. What an engineering feat to have constructed this so many, many years ago. Just a magnificent, awe-inspiring sight.

Salisbury Cathedral was next on our list. They have installed a new font since I was last there in 2004 and it has the most amazing reflections, especially of the stained glass windows at the back of the Cathedral.

We wandered around for a while before heading off on the last leg of our journey to Bradle Farm where Jillian was waiting with a welcoming committee of two friendly labradors (mother and child) and a terrier. Jillian had a lovely cup of coffee ready for me, very welcome after the drive through the rain and the dark, led by the lovely lady over spectacular roads, just sad it was too dark to see the views. Gets dark very early! No internet so will publish this tomorrow

Tuesday 20th November

Well our good luck came to an end today; rain rain, rain. Mostly travelled but we did walk up to Corfe Castle and go out to Kimmeridge Bay and Kimmeridge Village, setting off to Cornwall after 10:30am.

The drive was interesting to say the least with a few diversions for roads closed and lots of flooded roads  and narrow roads but we made it to Haybarton via Launceston and Mevagissey.

Blair and Jill greeted us with cake and tea and now settled in by the fire. *happy sigh*


  1. You have really been very lucky with the weather! Leashy said that she got caught in the rain last night on her way home from the station, after being out for dinner. The dark has fooled her a few times already I think :)
    Enjoy your last few days xx

  2. what wonderful stops. Stonehenge and the roman villa would be on my list of places to visit. Thanks for showing them. Shame the weather has turned

  3. Anonymous6:39 pm

    More delightful welcomes atthe hostelries. Pity the weather couldn't keep itself good for the last few days, but sometimes the rain gives another dimension. That coat will be worn out! Enjoy Cornwall and then Bathh before the flights home, so much achieved in the short time you have been away. Sue

  4. Guess I will be showing my age here but when I lasted visited Stonehenge I could touch the stones :)


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