Monday, November 12, 2012

London - day 3

Well what a beautiful day, almost tropical. We set out reasonable early for a long walk today along the Victorian Embankment then on the Thames Path, right down to the Tower of London. The riches amassed there are incredible. We walked the walls, defended the Queen and had a great look around.
Back once again to Piccadilly for a walk along Regent Street and a bit of a look in the shops. Nothing purchased by me except for a bus ticket! Of course there was the obligatory march, this time by the Salvation Army.

I took this photo especially for Sue, so she could see how London is treating us. Taken about 10am this morning and the day lived up to it's promise.

The Salvation Army band marched past on Regent Street, about mid afternoon.

The Tower of London, we managed to escape with our heads, unlike so many others.

The walk along the embankment was fantastic, although there were so many more energetic people running past us. PS It is really the 11th November but the blog is on Australian time!!


  1. lovely catching up on your travels. So many beautiful pics. Looks like you are having a ball! Looking forward to more travel pics...

  2. Certainly looks and sounds like you are having a ball. Off to Lyme Regis today??

  3. Anonymous6:19 pm

    well I just can't believe those blue skies....photoshop has alot to answer for he he!!You are certainly getting around the old stomping grounds, I used to love going round the Tower and all those places, Brian used to work at Sugar Quay and walked all around as well. Still not home sick though....visiting the homeland by proxy will suit me. Happy birthday to Nicole, bit late I know. Enjoy LR and will keep following the escapades. Sue

  4. I am having a very happy reminisce as I read all this – give my love to the Cob at LR!

    1. Cob was in good health Pat lol. Lyme looking good and prosperous.


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