Thursday, November 22, 2012

Land's End

Started out early this morning and drove straight down to Land's End. The weather was pretty blustery and started to rain as we wandered around the cliffs. Very wild and rugged.

Next stop was a special request from Nicole, the engineer coming out in her and we had to visit the Levant Tin Mine where the 1840s steam-powered beam engine has been restored. We seemed to have almost free range of the place, no one was there so we wandered in and out of the buildings and around the site. Hard to believe they were mining under the sea, approx 75 fathoms deep I think (not sure if I remember that right!).

Back across to the other coast to the Minack Theatre, carved in the cliff  face by Rowena Cade for theatrical performances. What a task, pretty sure it must have been a labour of love! Also had lunch here where we needed to try a Cornish Pastie...
St Michael's Mount was next on our list, unfortunately nothing is open in November but we did look at it from the mainland, so like Mount Saint Michel in France.

St Mawes was our next destination and for this we needed to go to Feock and catch the King Harry Ferry. A bit of an experience!

St Mawes Castle was built by Henry VIII as an artillery fortress and looked remarkably well preserved. Couldn't go in of course but wandered around and looked across to Pendennis  Castle and Falmouth.

Last stop was into Truro to visit the fabric store that Jillian (our hostess here at Haybarton) had recommended and yes I did buy a small bit of Christmas fabric. Now sitting by the fire with a cuppa and cake!


  1. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Blue in the skies again. What did you think of the cornish pastie? So English with the cuppa in front of the fire...hope you are not expecting such extravagances on your return. Good to see you covering so many trouble free miles Hope bath lives upto your expectations after so many wonderful experiences. Sue

    1. The pastie reminded me of the ones Mum used to make Sue, but I think her's were better.

  2. Lost my link to here temporarily, silly me!
    Loved reading this as I have been to so many places, it was a sort of trip down memory lane!

    1. Glad I have given you some good memories Pat

  3. more beautiful pics of the places you are visiting.

  4. Oh what a lovely time you're having, oh what a lovely time! I am looking forward to seeing your photos on the big screen, looks fabulous. Stay safe. Love YBBIM


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