Saturday, November 24, 2012

Out and about in Bath

Walked down into Bath morning to find the river even more flooded. The pic on the left is yesterday and the others this morning, looks like a few people could be stranded!
We walked up to the iconic Royal Circle, just had to go see this as I have always associated this with Bath, just had to go there.
After that the day was free to explore the market and Bath's little shops, had a great time but we did get a bit exhausted from all the browsing so ended up spending a couple of hours in the spa (thanks to Jill for giving me bathers, otherwise I might have been arrested OR had the place to myself - now that is a thought).
Enjoyed champagne and pizza at The Real Italian Pizza Place and then home, it seems so late when it gets dark at 4:30PM,,,,,,,,, Noticed some fantastic reflections in the water on the way home. not fantastic photos but the reflections were great. The water is on the flooded cricket ground.


  1. beautiful photos.
    sounds like you will be heading home soon then?


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